The name of Al Kauthar kindergarten name taken from Surah Al Kauthar (The abudance).

The word ‘Edu’ represent education ‘Qids’ represents Al-Quran and As-Sunna” which shown that education provided is based on Islam.


The objective of Al Kauthar EduQIDS to builds strong foundation in the little ones guided by the spiritual and ethical values of Islam for a positive effect in their actions and decisions in life. This includes physical, mental, social and emotional activities to mould and to develop in their minds, character and attitude in accordance with Islam concurrently we provide oppurturnities for parents who are everyday to create an islamic environment platform for their children. To ensure this we:

We strongly believe that early learning exposure of Islam in children will leave a long impact in their life towards realising and accepting that Allah is the Creator and Sustainer, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as their role model and Islam is the way of life.


We facilitate safe learning spaces

Has been operating since 2013 until today, Al-Kauthar Eduqids Kindergarten is a private kindergarten which offers pre school for 4-6 years old kids Quran pre memorizing programme, montessori service programme, toddler play school for 1-3 years old, baby advance programme, mandarin class, Islamic Advance Programme (KAFA) and also Special Needs programme for 2-12 years old kids. 

Al Kauthar Eduqids thematic approach learning activities programme is trilingual and uses English & Bahasa Malaysia the main medium of communication. Other than that is Arabic & Mandarin as an extra language in our learning programme. Other subjects and learning activities are conducted in English.

The Al Kauthar Eduqids Thematic Integrated Learning Activities programme emphasizes young children’s learning process. Furthermore, learning activities can stimulate young children’s physical development when they are manipulating the learning materials because it involves a lot of gross motor and fine motor skills, as well as learning how to balance their eyes-hands coordination.

Our Mission

The mission of Al Kauthar Eduqids is to provide a fun safe nurturing and inspirational Islamic environment that enables our students achieve academic excellence responsible citizen guided by teachings of the Islamic values

Our Vision

The vision of Al Kauthar Eduqids is to empower children to become future model citizen and leaders committed to islamic principles, life long learning and global communities. We believe in the ongoing growth and support of our team. Operating effectively within a happy, safe and secure environment will be our focus.